FIRST Lego League scoring software

This project is maintained by Jon Schewe

FLL-SW (FLL Software)

This is the home of the Minnesota FIRST Lego League (FLL) software. This software has been written by individuals in Minnesota and has been used extensively there. This software is configurable for other tournaments as well.

You can get an idea of what the software looks like by checking out the screen shots

Where Used

Here is a list of tournaments that have used the FLL-SW over the years.

If you are using the FLL-SW for your tournaments, please let me know at jpschewe@mtu.net so that I can you add to this list.



  1. Read the terminology document to understand the concepts used in the scoring software.
  2. The setup instructions include information on preparing to run FLL-SW, including the hardware and software for tournaments of different sizes.
  3. You should look at the instructions for running FLL-SW for how to use the software to run a tournament.
  4. There are some training materials in the training folder. This includes a presentation used to train new head computer people in Minnesota and a sample tournament database.

Descriptions of the design

Test Score Entry

One can view the performance score entry forms here.

Scheduling Software

In 2008 I started taking over the scheduling of the regional tournaments in Minnesota. So I took the constraints that had previously been used to determine schedules and wrote them down so that I could write some software to help me with this task. This software is available as part of FLL-SW.

Details on the scheduler are available.

Future plans

Fix the bugs and make the software more user-friendly. If you have suggestions on this, please add them to the issues list (requires registration).


If you are interested in digging in, see the Developer page.